This type of research is rather comprehensive. Technolab researches various materials and determines for example the presence of asbestos. We analyze the composition of contaminated materials found in air treatment systems or other technical installations. Technolab can also carry out so called dust characterization on the dust present in workspaces and / or air filters. The sampled dust is analyzed with a microscope for its composition (organic contamination, paper fibers, etc.).


In order to objectively map out the risks of asbestos (particular matters) in buildings, Technolab cooperates with a research partner that works according to the NEN2991 (Dutch Standard 2991). When doing asbestos research according to the above mentioned NEN2991, a statement can be objectively made regarding the risks of asbestos. Often, these so called NEN2991 researches are conducted when there is a suspicion that risky asbestos materials have been used or when asbestos is released during a fire.

Technolab has contracted a partner that has been accredited to take air and adhesive samples and analyze these conform the NEN2991. Using an electron microscope the samples are being examined for the presence of asbestos fibers. The NEN2991 is a document that is copyrighted by the NEN (Dutch Standard). On request Technolab can provide you with insight into the NEN-standard.


In order to be able to determine what the biggest polluting factor is, it is important to know the consistency of particulate matter (dust) in a specific space.

During particulate matter characterization Technolab uses microscopic examination to determine whether these particulate matters consist for the most part of textile fibers, building materials, soot, sand, paper fibers, skin flakes, or other organic materials.

By making a clear percentage classification in the report, Technolab makes this particulate matter characterization clear for our clients.

If desired and only after consulting with the client, specific components in this type of research can be studied in more detail.


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