More and more building managers realize the importance of a healthy working environment, clean and safe water and well operating technical installations. On the one hand, working spaces need to be clean because of stricter laws and regulations; on the other hand, they need to be hygienic because of a growing number of liabilities.

Although technical installations might operate well and cleaning staff perhaps do a good job, at Technolab we believe that research and measurements are necessary to determine if the installations and working environment are really up to par. We have the mission and responsibility to serve every client with clear and comprehensible information and try to gain highest possible results. Our project managers support you from the start to the ending solving any problems.

With every research project Technolab does, we conform to the NEN / Dutch-standards, NPR / Dutch Practical Guidelines, ISO-standards and all criteria of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment or the standards of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water. The results of every research are translated to a report with a conclusion and advice. Implementing this report, the client can guarantee a healthy indoor environment to its employees, management board or external tenants.


It could happen to you too: one of your employees or an external tenant of your property suffers regularly from allergies, headaches, burning eyes, shortness of breath, skin and / or indoor climate related problems.

These problems and complaints frequently arise from the work situation, often resulting in unnecessarily higher sick leave of staff or even claims. In technical installations, such as central heating systems or water-cooling installations, problems could arise because of internal corrosion or pollution. These cause rising costs of maintenance and the problems additionally negatively influence the indoor climate.

All research projects that Technolab initiates can be taken up in a service agreement. With such an agreement we inform you regularly on the microbiological and / or chemical status of the (climate) installations and / or workspaces. This way you can take early actions to prevent health or technical complaints or high costs.


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